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ShowMeYourHotKeys is a macOS application that allows you to display the hotkeys of the foreground application.

ShowMeYourHotKeys can be called in two ways:

1/ By pressing the command key 3 times quickly, the application displays a "stay-on-top" window with the list of shortcuts sortable by title (thanks to the search field) and/or by pressing the modifier keys (command, option, control, shirt and fn) by selecting the filter button to the right of the search field).

Press the command key 3 times again to close this window.

2/ By long pressing the command key (and keeping it pressed), a temporary window is displayed (the same as in option 1 but without the search field). The option to sort by modifier keys is available in this mode, which makes it easier to find the desired shortcut. Just release the keys to close the window.

Window opening behaviors can be changed from settings.

ShowMeYourHotKeys has some other features:

  • Custom window layout: you can select one of four layout (fullscreen, right, left or floating) for the main window.
  • Screen selection: if you have multiple screen, you can decide on which of them the main window should be displayed.
  • Database shortcut: ShowMeYourHotKeys save all hotkeys it display in a database.
  • Print CheatSheet: Print the list of applications hot keys.
  • Display on screen: ShowMeYourHotKeys can display hotkeys on screen while your typing them. This can be useful for video presentation for example.
  • Custom Hotkeys: Redefine app menu hotkeys or add menu items that don't have one.

More informations on the website.

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